Base material: hardwood.
The frames are made of solid hardwood, custom made. No veneer, no plywood, no shortcuts. Even inside the frame where you can't see it, we only use solid wood. We choose the highest quality lumber at the mill and then further handle it in our atelier.

We use different types of wood chosen specifically for a certain project. We use hardwood for its structural stability and beautiful aesthetics. The wood is oiled and sealed to protect it from accidental damage. 

Everything is handmade in Belgium. The print, the wood, the frame, the assembly of the piece, everything happens in our own atelier. This way, we can assure you a unique product that meets the absolute highest quality standards.

Museum-Quality Framing
Every object is produced to the highest archival standards. Here is a page where we go into details about how we achieve this.

Return policy
Every item that leaves the shop is carefully inspected. If however, you would still find a flawed product, don't hesitate to send it back. We will carefully inspect it and replace it free of charges, in the case of any defect.