Framing details


Shadowbox frame 32 x 39 cm with black lining. 

A frame with an all over matt black lining on the interior of the frame, so the photograph can be looked at recessed in the frame (±19mm recess). It enhances the 'material' quality of the handmade print, giving it a modern look.

The matted lining is black acid-free matting board.

The photograph itself is waxed with Renaissance Wax and dry mounted onto a black piece of matting board.( all materials are archival=acid-free and removable). 

The frame itself is solid beechwood with a smooth oil finish.

Glazing is Museum Glass (99% UV-blocking and anti reflective).



Shadowbox frame 39 x 49 cm with black lining.

 Again a shadowbox frame with matt black lining but here, the photograph fills the whole frame. It gives a different viewing distance and is ideal to have a rather large photograph but still in a more or less compact object when framed.

The frame is solid beechwood all over and the matted lining is acid-free black core mounting board;

The photograph is dry mounted onto aluminium and is placed recessed in the frame (±19mm recess).



Float frame (64 x 79 cm) or (92 x 110 cm) 

For the larger frames, we opt for a painterly look and a float frame without glass in front, inviting the viewer to fully enjoy the texture and details of the photographic print. 

The frame is made of beechwood finished with a white oil. The interior of the frame (visible around the photograph) is painted matte black, creating a feeling of distinction and depth when looking at the artwork. It also finely isolates the image of the photograph from its surroundings without being pompous or heavy.

For stability reasons, the photographic print is mounted onto aluminium and attached within the frame. The photograph is toned and waxed to protect it from environmental degradation.

All frames are fully finished at the back with a sturdy, yet fine and elegant hanging rail.