DARKROOM PRINTS. All photographs of Kurt Deruyter are

  • made by hand
  • on silver gelatin
  • fibre based B&W paper. 

In terms of photographic print aesthetics, it's just really hard to beat a well-executed fibre based darkroom print. The fact that it has a proven archival stability adds to its charm and appeal. 

It also ensures every print is unique. It's not as simple as pushing a button and the print comes rolling out of the machine. 

FINISHED OBJECTS.  A framed photograph, a boxed collection of photographs everything Kurt offers, is an entirely finished product.

BEST MATERIALS.  No corners cut here, your print can be as beautiful as you want, with a cheap frame, it becomes a cheap product.  I only work with the best materials available. Check out which ones here.

IN-HOUSE PRODUCTION.  From photograph to finished object. Everything is produced in-house. That's how we keep our quality standards high and our prices affordable. 

TRANSPARENCY. With every artwork, you find a list of materials used for the framing or the boxing. So that you know exactly what you buy.